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Where in The Hills is HAH?

8 Feb

We’re glad you found us, and are interested in southeast Ohio’s scenic Hocking Hills Region, where you’ll discover the unique community of Hide-A-Way Hills, also known as “HAH”…and winding down a bit from the big celebrations of its 50th Anniversary. “The Hills” was indeed an especially special place to be in 2011!

As well as being a gateway to the Hocking Hills, it’s a gated resort community that started life back in the 1960’s, initially intended by its original developer to be a “weekend getaway” place, primarily for folks from Columbus and central Ohio. That developer is long since gone, and “The Hills” (or “HAH”) is now owned and managed by its members (with a Board of Trustees, Management & Architectural Control Committees, and other committees that oversee the various amenities and other aspects of life in “The Hills”.

We have our own full-time general management, security and maintenance staffs, but the amenities are essentially planned and managed by volunteer committees, under the supervision of the elected board of trustees.

Hide-A-Way Hills is an ideal and secure place for a vacation home, or a year-round home, for folks who’ve done their fair share of day-tripping to the Hocking Hills, which is certainly one of the growing tourist destination spots in Ohio and the midwest…with an estimated 3-million-plus visitors to the Hocking Hills State Park area in 2010. 

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to “try out” things here via rustic cabin rentals or bed and breakfasts, hotels and motels…we’ve worked with many folks who, after renting vacation homes a few times, decided that it was a wonderful place to buy or build that dream vacation home…or perhaps a vacation home that will become a retirement home.  Not familiar with the Hocking Hills?  Call or visit 1-800-hocking, home of the Hocking Hills Tourism Association.  And then stop by and see The Friends of the Hocking Hills, as well.  We’re active members of both organizations, and would love to show and tell you more! (NOTE: Doug now serves as a board member for the Hocking Hills Tourism Association, along with the Friends of Hocking Hills State Park and Hide-A-Way Hills Club.)

For more information, photos, and a Visual Tour of the area, please visit our www.ikarensell.com Web site. There, click on our “Buy Your Hideaway” link. And let us know what questions you might have. We’d love the opportunity to show you around, including the lakes, swimming pool, golf course, lodge & restaurant, and so much more!  And of course, you’re invited to dine in The Lodge at Hide-A-Way Hills….call 740-569-7944 for reservations.


Choosing a Realtor (Real Estate Agent)

18 Nov

You’ll get different opinions about the importance of “local” agents in a property purchase, and the current market certainly has moved many agents to work beyond their traditional areas.  But the type of property can sometimes be just as important a factor in your decision…for example, buying a vacation home (or historic homes, or land, or other unique real estate) with an agent who does not specialize in those subsets of the primary and vacation real estate markets. In any case, feeling comfortable and connected with your agent is certainly a solid and critical base for any buyer.

As more buyers consider non-traditional options and areas, often because of evolving lifestyle needs (multi-generational living, pre-retirement investment or vacation homes/land, etc.), they will often decide to work with an agent with whom they’ve had a longstanding relationship.  But at times that agent might not be familiar with the new areas of communities their client is considering.  In that case, perhaps a referral can be made to a “local” agent, with both agents then sharing the process as well as relationships with the buyer…so the buyer is comfortable in various ways, and agents can provide individual knowledge as well as care and service.

By the way, all Realtors are real estate agents, but not all real estate agents are Realtors (the latter being a copyright for the National Association of Realtors.