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Does a central humidifier to a home add to a home’s resale value?

3 Feb

Our response to this seller question on “Ask a REALTOR Answer | REALTOR.com®” Blogs:

We’ve always added them to the past few homes we’ve owned, and would especially recommend them for folks who own log homes. (see  http://livingwithmyhome.com/201-home-tips/pillar-to-post-central-humidifier.aspx for more info.)

As more folks become aware of such amenities, they more they are expected…especially in higher-end homes, and homes in unique environments.  How much value a given buyer might put on one is of course variable.

At the very least, it’s a positive copy point for marketing purposes. Whole-Home backup power generators, or professional hookups that enable safe and easier use of portable units, would fall into the same same of category.