Beer Tasting at The Lodge in Hide-A-Way Hills

18 Nov
Brewmaster Scott Francis provides the inside story of the lodge’s craft brewery

We’ve been Hide-A-Way Hills (HAH) members since the 1990’s, and have been regulars for dining and socializing at the lodge ever since…and probably do so at least 2-3 times per week these days.  We’ve also been to a few wine tastings at the lodge through the years, but this is the first beer tasting event that we can recall…sampling both the lodge-brewed Rushcreek Pale Ale and Lager, along with very tasty brews from the new nearby Rock Mill Brewery.

HAH has its own brewery because the lodge is located in a dry township.  Years ago the state liquor laws allowed for a full liquor license even in a dry township if there was a brewery on site….hence the brewery inside The Lodge in Hide-A-Way Hills.  That legal opportunity no longer exists, but the public is invited to dine at the lodge…for reservation, please call 740-569-7944.
We’re also currently offering a weekend cabin getaway plus a dining gift certificate to the lodge on the Ohio Citizens Action Coalition fundraising auction:

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